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Frank Azar was born on April 18, 1957, and grew up in Pueblo, Colorado, USA. As of 2024, he is 66 years old. Born under the Aries zodiac sign, he is an American of white ethnicity. Following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, he excelled in their shared profession. Frank is the owner of Franklin D. Azar & Associates, a renowned law firm, earning the moniker “The Strong Arm.”

Frank Azar Net Worth

As of 2024, Frank Azar’s net worth stands at $10 million USD, primarily derived from his personal attorney firm, Franklin D. Azar & Associates. In his leisure time, he enjoys playing golf and indulging in classic cigars.

Frank Azar Family

Frank Azar is married to Jeanette Renfro Azar, although he has not disclosed her profession. Similarly, Frank has not made any public statements regarding his children, so there is no available information about his daughter or son.

Frank Azar comes from a close-knit family background. His father and grandfather were both attorneys, continuing a family tradition. However, Frank has not shared details about his mother. He grew up with two siblings: a brother named William Azar and a sister named Yvonne Azar.

Frank Azar Career

Attorney Frank Azar is a renowned Assistant District Attorney with vast expertise across multiple legal domains, including auto insurance, personal injury law, labor law, bad faith insurance claims, and more. He specializes in representing clients affected by automobile accidents, delivery-related injuries, and various other accident types.

In 1983, Frank Azar co-founded Franklin D. Azar and Associates, where he serves as a founding partner. Hailing from a family deeply rooted in the legal profession, he has successfully carried forward their legacy. His grandfather, a respected local attorney, has been a significant source of inspiration for Frank.

While advertising wasn’t emphasized in his early years, Frank now recognizes its importance and utilizes clever promotional strategies, including impactful films, to bolster his reputation as a leading attorney in Denver.

Previously, Azar practiced law and served as an Assistant District Attorney in Colorado. Outside of his legal career, Azar enjoys reading, watching classic movies, indulging in fine cigars from abroad, and playing golf. He has represented numerous plaintiffs in mass tort lawsuits and has led over twenty successful employment class actions. One notable achievement was recovering $420 million for Walmart in a class action suit, resulting in a new overtime policy. Additionally, he secured a $3.1 million award for a helmet maker company.

With over 30 years of legal experience, Azar boasts an impressive track record in both courtroom trials and negotiated settlements. He has advocated for diverse groups in class action lawsuits, including Walmart pharmacists and hourly workers. Recent cases have involved assisting individuals injured by the Da Vinci robot’s mechanical hand and those experiencing issues with hip replacements. Azar’s decision to pursue law was influenced by his influential father.

Azar has built a strong professional reputation and accumulated considerable wealth. He founded his law practice in 1987, gaining recognition for its vigorous courtroom advocacy. Known as the “Strong Arm of Colorado,” Azar has earned respect within the legal community for his successful track record and compassionate demeanor.

Frank Azar is active on various social media platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, where he shares pictures and videos with his followers. Since starting his YouTube channel in 2011, he has garnered 230 followers and 9.1 million total views. He regularly updates his audience on his activities and now has 3,640 Instagram followers, enjoying immense popularity across social media.

Overall, Frank Azar is poised to excel as both an effective Assistant District Attorney and a skilled lawyer.

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Facts About Frank Azar

1. Frank Azar is affiliated with the Phi Beta Kappa fraternity, as noted on his Wikipedia page.

2. In 1983, Frank Azar founded his own firm, Franklin D. Azar & Associates.

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